About Matt – K0LWC

K0LWC Weather Shack

I have a passion for meteorology. I’ve been fascinated with severe weather since I was a child after my childhood home in central Wisconsin was struck by a tornado. Being outdoors and trying to understand the weather has been in my blood since…birth?

As a kid I wasn’t far way when severe weather struck. I can remember biking down the street to observe incoming tornadic storms. However, as I grew older I wanted more scientific understanding of meteorology and why supercell thunderstorms develop.

Around age 13, I began going to the local library and getting interlibrary loaned meteorology textbooks from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Some professors were even nice enough to answer questions I had via e-mail — with no money spent on tuition! The focus of my self-taught knowledge is on convective meteorology and mesoscale analysis using NEXRAD radar, including dual-polarization.

I started chasing storms on bicycle, but eventually graduated to the family car. Documenting many kinds of weather phenomena — from tornadic supercells to long-track derechos. I’ve experienced and documented it across the plains every spring for nearly a decade. As my life has become more centered around my family, I’ve focused my efforts on assisting ham radio groups during severe weather remotely from my ham shack.

“During the 12 years Matt has been active on our system, he’s predicted severe weather criteria numerous times before NWS even issued a warning, helping to save lives and protect property for those monitoring. Colorado will get that same valuable benefit.”

— Daniel McGlone, KB0TDW