Colorado Severe Weather Weekly Net

The CSWW group will hold a monthly informational net on the SkyHubLink repeater system. The purpose of this net is to practice net activations while exchanging interesting and educational weather information.

When: First Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. MT
Where: SkyHubLink Repeater System
Who: All amateur radio operators across the world are encouraged to check-in, especially those interested in severe weather.

Monthly Net Visual Aids

Severe Weather Net Activations

When significant severe weather threatens Colorado, the CSWW net is activated. There are two different kinds of net you can expect to hear.

Directed nets are only used in the most significant severe weather situations where there is a widespread threat to human life or property. The net control station (NCS) will direct all traffic across the net. Stations participating must funnel all traffic and permission through the NCS. Stations should keep traffic as short possible. Normal amateur use of the SkyHubLink repeater system is not permitted during a directed net.

Informal nets are used in most severe weather situations. Critical severe weather information is still trafficked across the net, but transmission length is not as critical and stations can initiate contact with another station directly on the net without NCS approval. Normal amateur use of the SkyHubLink repeater system is permitted, but please be courteous depending on the situation.

All amateur radio operators across Colorado are encouraged to participate when the net is activated. Nets are designed to be informational and help participants better understand severe weather while reporting information to the National Weather Service, when appropriate.

If there is a regularly scheduled net on SkyHubLink, that net will be postponed if a Colorado Severe Weather Watch is ongoing or is needed at that time. Thank you to net control stations for their understanding.

Things To Remember

Severe weather can lead to hectic times on a repeater. It’s important that stations on-air maintain good operating procedure. Here are some tips to keep the net running smoothly:

  • During check-ins, be sure to give your callsign slowly, twice using proper phonetics.
  • Give yourself a half-second pause after pressing the PTT button to key the entire system, and also wait a half-second after you finish speaking before letting go of the PTT to avoid cutting yourself off.
  • Leave a one or two second pause between TX/RX during a conversation to allow others to break-in if necessary.
  • Remain as calm as possible and speak clearly when reporting conditions at your location.